Hello!  My name is Carly Carpenter and I am the owner and artist behind Carly Carpenter Photography. Everyone who meets me quickly learns that my husband and I are high school sweethearts; we've been together since we were 15 and we're simply meant to be. We once lived in Las Vegas for 7 years too long, had 2 bouncing baby boys and came running back home to Wilsonville, OR.


Little did I know that having my first son would help me discover my passion for photography. My mother complained that she wanted a picture of my son's first smiles...in focus...my phone camera just wasn't cutting it and my point and shoot camera had too long of a delay. I invested in my first DSLR and my passion was born.  


People would tell me I had a "great eye" and friends would ask me to shoot their events. It was great practice and it gave me enough experience behind the camera that I knew I loved it! To be sure it was the profession for me, I asked the Lord for some guidance (...I said Lord, I need your help, is photography the right choice for me?) and I swear on a bible that He gave me two very obvious signs at that exact moment! A few weeks later my amazing husband surprised me with my first full frame Nikon and that was the beginning of Carly Carpenter Photography. To finish my personal story...if you fast-forward a few more years we adopted a baby girl. Some call her my muse...I believe they're right. You can spot her easily in my photos; she's the one with the red afro. Now back to business...


Carly Carpenter Photography has been open since 2011.  I have been working with families of all sizes, all ages, and all personalities, capturing their moments in time and turning them into portraits. I pride myself in offering top-quality images and assisting my clients with turning those images into works of art by partnering with the best printing labs in the country. To me, a portrait isn’t complete until it’s off the hard drive and on the wall, so it can be enjoyed every single day.


I invite you to take a look around my site.  If you like what you see, please contact me; I'd love to get to know you!