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When some kids graduate high school you just know, you know they're going to go on to do amazing things.  Jake is one of those kids.  It was an honor to capture his graduation party and to celebrate him and his friends!

This is just a highlight of some of the fun we had.  To view the full gallery, please click on any picture.


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2017 Graduation Party-62017 Graduation Party-6 2017 Graduation Party-102017 Graduation Party-10 2017 Graduation Party-122017 Graduation Party-12 2017 Graduation Party-182017 Graduation Party-18 2017 Graduation Party-202017 Graduation Party-20 2017 Graduation Party-212017 Graduation Party-21 2017 Graduation Party-222017 Graduation Party-22 2017 Graduation Party-272017 Graduation Party-27 2017 Graduation Party-282017 Graduation Party-28 2017 Graduation Party-332017 Graduation Party-33 2017 Graduation Party-312017 Graduation Party-31 2017 Graduation Party-352017 Graduation Party-35 2017 Graduation Party-382017 Graduation Party-38 2017 Graduation Party-392017 Graduation Party-39 2017 Graduation Party-412017 Graduation Party-41 2017 Graduation Party-422017 Graduation Party-42 2017 Graduation Party-432017 Graduation Party-43 2017 Graduation Party-452017 Graduation Party-45 2017 Graduation Party-482017 Graduation Party-48 2017 Graduation Party-502017 Graduation Party-50 2017 Graduation Party-532017 Graduation Party-53 2017 Graduation Party-542017 Graduation Party-54 2017 Graduation Party-572017 Graduation Party-57 2017 Graduation Party-582017 Graduation Party-58 2017 Graduation Party-632017 Graduation Party-63 2017 Graduation Party-682017 Graduation Party-68 2017 Graduation Party-692017 Graduation Party-69 2017 Graduation Party-712017 Graduation Party-71 2017 Graduation Party-742017 Graduation Party-74 2017 Graduation Party-772017 Graduation Party-77 2017 Graduation Party-862017 Graduation Party-86 2017 Graduation Party-892017 Graduation Party-89 2017 Graduation Party-912017 Graduation Party-91 2017 Graduation Party-922017 Graduation Party-92 2017 Graduation Party-942017 Graduation Party-94 2017 Graduation Party-1012017 Graduation Party-101 2017 Graduation Party-1032017 Graduation Party-103 2017 Graduation Party-1042017 Graduation Party-104 2017 Graduation Party-1052017 Graduation Party-105 2017 Graduation Party-1102017 Graduation Party-110 2017 Graduation Party-1142017 Graduation Party-114 2017 Graduation Party-1162017 Graduation Party-116 2017 Graduation Party-1182017 Graduation Party-118 2017 Graduation Party-1192017 Graduation Party-119 2017 Graduation Party-1252017 Graduation Party-125 2017 Graduation Party-1282017 Graduation Party-128 2017 Graduation Party-1332017 Graduation Party-133 2017 Graduation Party-1352017 Graduation Party-135 2017 Graduation Party-1372017 Graduation Party-137 2017 Graduation Party-1392017 Graduation Party-139 2017 Graduation Party-1412017 Graduation Party-141 2017 Graduation Party-1442017 Graduation Party-144 2017 Graduation Party-1462017 Graduation Party-146 2017 Graduation Party-1472017 Graduation Party-147 2017 Graduation Party-1482017 Graduation Party-148 2017 Graduation Party-1512017 Graduation Party-151

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Whitney + Andrew My cousin Whitney and her beloved Andrew are tying the knot August of 2016

It's an honor to be a part of people's history, photos that they will look back on for the rest of their lives.

Congrats you two!  Happy Engagement!

Whitney-Andrew-27Whitney-Andrew-27 Whitney-Andrew-12Whitney-Andrew-12 Whitney-Andrew-7Whitney-Andrew-7 Whitney-Andrew-4Whitney-Andrew-4 Whitney-Andrew-10Whitney-Andrew-10 Whitney-Andrew-11Whitney-Andrew-11 Whitney-Andrew-15Whitney-Andrew-15 Whitney-Andrew-16Whitney-Andrew-16 Whitney-Andrew-17Whitney-Andrew-17 Whitney-Andrew-22Whitney-Andrew-22 Whitney-Andrew-30Whitney-Andrew-30 Whitney-Andrew-31Whitney-Andrew-31 Whitney-Andrew-32Whitney-Andrew-32 Whitney-Andrew-34Whitney-Andrew-34 Whitney-Andrew-36Whitney-Andrew-36

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