Carly Carpenter Photography | Q & A



Do you specialize in a certain type of photography?

I photograph newborns, children, families, high school seniors, events like birthdays/family reunions and corporate headshots/groups.  I love to capture the personality of each person and the connection between people.   We always have a good time!  


Are there types of photography you don’t do?

Not necessarily.  I do limit the amount of weddings I do to no more than 1 per month so that I can give ALL of my clients the amount of attention they deserve!


What do you suggest we wear?

These are my suggestions, please don’t feel like they are hard and fast rules.  When in doubt, let’s talk, text, shop!  I want you to look and feel amazing! 

When taking my own family portraits I personally pick colors that will look beautiful in the room I’m visualizing these portraits will end up in. For example, my living room is mostly cream and black with red accents so I tend to dress my family in those colors for my living room wall portraits.

Choose 1-3 colors for your group portrait, ones with similar tones that go nicely together and have everyone work within that color palette. For example: Dark green, navy, and burgundy – all dark jewel tones.  Tan, a lighter olive green, and denim/khaki – all lighter, softer tones.  I’ve found that solid colored clothing looks best, if you like pattern, limit it to 1 person out of 4, 2 out of 6.  

Choose a top with sleeves at least to the elbow (unless you want to show off your arms, then by all means, show them off!)

Choose long pants for men/ladies or a skirt below the knee for ladies (unless you want to show your legs off!)

Choose dark socks and footwear (unless it’s a barefoot photo)

If getting a haircut or new hairdo, make your appointment at least 2 weeks prior to your portrait session.


Where do you recommend we have our pictures taken?

This can be a hard decision to make on your own!  I'd love to talk to you about this in depth.  Time of year, time of day and location are in my opinion the foundation of a successful portrait session!


What happens after my portrait session?

Following your photo session I will lightly edit the best images, then 1-2 weeks later you will join me in my home office for a proofing and purchasing session. For most clients, this is their favorite part of the process (I do serve some pretty awesome treats). We'll look at your images together in a slideshow, narrow down your favorites and if you'd like, choose products that will dress your walls and tables for years to come!  This is a relaxed and easy process where you can look at samples and I can even show you what your images would look like on your own walls. You won’t be pressured in any way.  I am here to be your creative collaborator.  If you're interested in scheduling an in-home consult prior to your photo session please ask!


What do most people purchase?

About a quarter of my clients will order 10-15 digital images.  For my clients that move forward with purchasing products, since the majority of my clients are families looking for that perfect family photo, my most popular items are wall canvases or framed prints.  Sometimes one big one does the job and sometimes a grouping is the way to go.  Then my clients typically will use the rest of their favorite images to create an album or image box.  On average, my clients who purchase products typically spend $1000-$2500+.  I do offer payment plans.


Do you sell digital files?

Yes!  I offer edited, high-resolution digital files.  You can purchase the individual digital files for $20 each.  Most of my clients who order print products actually end up getting their digital images included for FREE!


How do I book a session with you?

Simple!  Click the contact tab and send me a note.  I will give you a call so we can find a date that will work for both of us.  I will also answer any questions you might have and discuss details like what your goals are for the shoot, location options, what you should wear, etc.